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Best 8 AI Email Tools in 2024

Updated: Jan 22

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The Email interface and tools that you use can make a big difference in your level of productivity. In fact - saving just 20% of the time you spend on your emails will save the average office worker 3.38 work weeks per year. Even 2% makes a difference! The below highly-rated tools are curated to help you find your match.

How to select the best AI Email Tool

Choosing your productivity tools and interfaces seems simple - but implementing the wrong system will cost you lots of time in the long run in learning and implementation. As you decide which tool to try out, consider these four criteria: 

  • Breadth of Features. Look for tools that offer a comprehensive range of capabilities, such as email composition, summarization, and customization. The more features a tool has, the better it can adapt to your specific needs.

  • Pricing. Consider the cost-effectiveness of the tool. Does it offer a free trial or a free version? What are the pricing plans for premium features? How will it price into the future?

  • Workflow. Does this change my current workflow? Will I need to change my habits to use this? Some tools are so simple to use, that you intuitively know how to use them and barely notice their existence. Others are more cumbersome, but may have more features and customizability.

  • Saved Time. Envision yourself using this tool? Will it actually save time with your work flow?

  • Who's this for? Determine who the tool is best suited for. Is it designed for individual users, freelancers, small businesses, or large enterprises? Understanding the target audience of the developers not only tells you whether the tool may be a fit for you now, but it can clue you into what their development goals may be in the future. It's best to get integrated and used to a service that will grow with you, rather than developing in a different direction.

Email Composition

Email Summarization



Workflow Integration

Target Audience




Totally Free

Seamless with Chrome & Gmail

Individual Users




Free Trial, $49+/month

Chrome Extension

Copywriters, Freelancers




Free, $49+/month


LinkedIn Users, Outreach




Free, $9+/month

Intuitive Interface

Freelancers, Beginners




Free, $19+/month

Gmail Integration

Startups, Businesses




Free Trial, $15+/month

Easy to use

Freelancers, Marketers




Free Trial, $59+/month

Personalized Outreach

Email Marketers, Businesses




Free, $39+/month

LinkedIn Integration

High-Volume Senders

BunBox logo

1. BunBox: Seamless AI for Chrome & Gmail

BunBox stands out as one of the best all-around AI Email tools, with its commitment to transform email into a smooth, elegant, and fast experience. It's free and integrates AI to provide instant summaries and prompt composition for emails. BunBox is the newest tool on the list, and is built to feel like it's a part of your inbox. What's more - it is the only product on this list that summarizes your emails to speed up your work flow!

Key Features:

  • Instant Summaries: Generates bullet-pointed overviews of email threads.

  • Prompt Composition: Customizable prompts for quick reply drafting.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Best For: Users seeking a fast, efficient, and free email management tool.

Pricing: Free unlimited use.

Jasper Logo

2. Jasper: Template-Driven AI Writing

Jasper is one of the more established tools on the list. While it's mainly for blog content and marketing copy, it does have email generation features that are worth trying out. Jasper generates original, top-notch content suitable for blogs, marketing copy, and product descriptions by inputting basic information.

Key Features:

  • Jasper Chrome Extension for quick email responses.

  • Multilingual capabilities with 25+ languages.

  • Personalized cold email templates and content improvement features.

Best For: Email copywriters and freelancers needing diverse templates for marketing and sales emails.

Pricing: Free trial, premium plans from $49/month. logo

3. Chatbot-Based Email Writer leverages chatbot technology to create high-converting emails with over 90 prompt templates. Their system is built around outcomes, and A B testing. AI OS replaces the chaos of disparate tools, simplifying and automating your workflow.

Key Features:

  • Cold email generator from LinkedIn URLs.

  • Email subject line and marketing email generators.

  • Customizable brand voice.

Best For: Outreach email creation, particularly for LinkedIn users.

Pricing: Free and premium plans starting at $49/month.

Rytr logo

4. Rytr: Multilingual and Intuitive Email Writing

Rytr offers a user-friendly platform with various email templates in over 30 languages. Like Jasper, it's a good solution for writing product descriptions and getting started on blog posts, but it's catered towards general writing assistance and is not email-specific.

Key Features:

  • Writing generator with multiple writing tones.

  • Built-in plagiarism checker and grammar optimization.

Best For: Freelancers and beginners needing a cost-effective and simple tool.

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans from $9/month.

Writesonic logo

5. Writesonic: Email Template Library

Writesonic is designed for businesses requiring engaging emails, offering over

100 templates. Writesonic allows you to create and optimize all types of content, with a focus on SEO and competitive analysis.

Key Features:

  • Email subject line and cold email generators.

  • Call to action (CTA) generator.

  • ChatSonic Chrome extension for Gmail integration.

Best For: Startups and businesses focusing on email marketing and sales.

Pricing: Free option with 10,000 words/month limit, paid plans from $19/month.

Hypotenuse logo

6. Hypotenuse AI: Versatile Email Writing Assistant

Hypotenuse AI caters to various email needs, supporting 28 languages and offering a trial period. It mainly caters to those who are looking to generate long-form content around specific key-words. But it can be used for email too!

Key Features:

  • Email copy templates for newsletters and various tones.

  • HypoChat AI chatbot for email assistance.

  • Built-in plagiarism checker.

Best For: Freelancers and marketers with minimal email writing tasks.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, paid subscriptions from $15/month.

smartwriter logo

7. B2B and Cold Emails focuses on B2B sales and personalized cold emails. It's not so much for personal users, but can be a great tool for those who are in need of high volume email automation. They claim to be 40x faster and 6x cheaper than humans.

Key Features:

  • Personalized email templates with high open rates.

  • LinkedIn Personalization Outreach.

  • Unlimited projects for all paid plans.

Best For: Email marketers and businesses seeking effective cold email strategies.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, premium plans from $59/month.

lyne logo

8. Personalized Cold Outreach Expert

Lyne AI excels in generating personalized cold outreach through emails and other platforms, such as LinkedIn. They are specifically focused on those doing cold outreach campaigns, not around your average email user. They provide robust analysis and tools to help you achieve great outcomes for your campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Chrome extension for LinkedIn email scraping.

  • Multiple cold email template categories.

  • Integration with sales automation platforms.

Best For: High-volume senders, especially on LinkedIn.

Pricing: Free plan available, custom plans from $39/month.

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