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BunBox for Mobile Now Available! Use AI to Summarize & Compose Emails on Phone

BunBox is thrilled to unveil its latest game-changer in email optimization: the new Gmail™ Add-on version. You can now use BunBox on your phone! Building on the foundation of our revolutionary Chrome™ Extension, we're expanding our horizons to bring you unparalleled email efficiency, now on both desktop and mobile.

Bunny Using AI To Summarize and Comply to Emails on Phone

Why Use BunBox Mobile? Summarize Emails on Phone!

Emails are a crucial part of our daily lives but managing them can be a daunting task. That's where BunBox steps in, transforming your email experience from overwhelming to enjoyable. With our cutting-edge AI, BunBox provides:

  • Instant Summaries: Get to the heart of your conversations with AI-generated, concise summaries of your email threads. Understand the context at a glance – who's involved, the general tone, and key dates.

  • Prompt Composition: Effortlessly craft responses with AI-powered prompts tailored to the email context, or customize your own for a personal touch.

BunBox is not just an email tool; it's the pinnacle of smart, swift, and user-friendly email management. Embrace the future of efficient communication with BunBox!

What's New with the Gmail Add-on?


Our new Gmail™ Add-on breaks the shackles of the desktop, delivering the power of BunBox to your phone. Manage your emails effectively whether you're in the office or on the move, with a versatile tool that fits your dynamic lifestyle.

Summarize or Compose

Insert Composition

Summarize Threads

Summarize or Compose using AI on Phone
Insert AI Generated Drafts for Emails on Phone
Get Detailed Summaries for Complex Email Threads on Phone


Our new Gmail™ Add-on works in your browser too! What's more, while it's not quite as optimized for browsers as our extension, it can be used in ANY browser, not just Chrome like the BunBox extension. This version may be better for those who favor Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Summarize Threads

Draft Quick Replies

Summarize Complex Threads in your Browser
Use AI to Compose Replies to Threads in your Browser

Compatibility & Installation

BunBox's core is now more accessible than ever, maintaining its compatibility with Gmail™ and broadening its reach across various devices and browsers.

Chrome Extension vs. Gmail Add-on: What’s the Difference?

  • Chrome Extension: Exclusive to Google Chrome, this version offers extensive interface modifications, allowing a deeply integrated and broad-spectrum functionality across web services. It's ideal for those who want a profound transformation of their desktop email environment. The original BunBox Chrome™ Extension remains the ultimate solution for desktop users, offering deep integration and interface enhancements directly within your Chrome browser, for a seamless email experience.

  • Gmail Add-on: This version is the jack-of-all-trades, working effortlessly across all browsers and mobile devices, ensuring BunBox’s smart features are always at your fingertips. Most importantly, this version allows you to summarize emails on your phone! And it does so without compromising on delivering BunBox's stellar email management experience.

Why not both?

For the ultimate BunBox experience, we recommend using both the Chrome Extension and the Gmail Add-on. This combo ensures you're equipped with the most comprehensive email management tools, no matter where you are or what device you're using.

Join the email revolution with BunBox and transform the way you manage your communications. Why settle for less when you can have the best? Get started with BunBox today and step into the future of email management where efficiency meets convenience.

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